Ready for a fresh start after your first marriage?
Reconnect with yourself. Rebuild your dreams. 



Happily Ever After

“I want a divorce.” Those words, spoken by either yourself or your former partner, likely turned your world upside down. 

Realizing that your marriage will not have the fairy-tale ending you once envisioned can be devastating. Right now, it might feel like you’ll never recover. 

If you’re ready for change, you’ve landed in the right place. After the First Marriage is a launchpad for falling in love again– with yourself and with your next chapter. Let’s rebuild your “happily ever after,” one day at a time.

Rainbows introduce us to
reflections of different

beautiful possibilities

so we never forget that pain and grief

are not the final options in life.


Hi, I’m Susan Orenstein, Ph.D. For over twenty-five years, I’ve worked with individuals and couples that come to my counseling office in pursuit of a more peaceful, purposeful, and passionate life. Relationships are integral to that rich, fulfilling existence we all desire. Healthy relationships bolster our well-being while unhealthy relationships hinder our ability to thrive. 

That’s why I’m passionate about helping couples to either optimize their relationship, or learn to let each other go so they can develop a nourishing, intimate connection elsewhere.

Elsewhere is an uncertain, often frightening place. The decision to part ways with your partner and embark on different life paths can evoke deep anxiety, anguish, and grief.

My goal is to help you not only process that pain, but to find purpose and beauty in it.


Call me sentimental, but I revel in rainbows. Certain atmospheric conditions, particularly after a rainstorm, bend light in such a way that a spectrum of magnificent colors is set free. Rainbows symbolize hope, and that’s why I’ve interspersed them in my message.

It may be hard to imagine now, but this experience will bend and shape you in ways that allow you to get back in touch with the best version of yourself. The potential for a fantastic future lies ahead of you, ready to be released like the rays of a rainbow. I’m here to guide you on the journey to joy after your first marriage. That journey may just be magical.

Resources for you

to reflect, reset, and rebuild


Your Journey to Joy
After the Divorce

Divorce not only dismantles your marriage, but can disrupt your social life, finances, sense of self, and outlook for the future. How do you even begin to pick up the pieces? In this free e-course, I’ll help you create a roadmap for your journey through and beyond divorce. 


“I’ve seen people get to the other side of divorce where they are no longer depressed and defeated but instead feeling alive again, feeling that joy, and that has been truly rewarding for me.”

After the First Marriage Podcast, Episode 01