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Welcome to After the First Marriage: How Can I Recover & Re-Discover Myself? | Ep 01

Has divorce left you feeling defeated and deflated? The stress and pain you are feeling now does not have to be in vain. We can transform the divorce into a productive turning point in your life. Welcome to the podcast!

Whether the decision was mutual or not, divorce is painful. In fact, it is often described as a grieving process. Throughout the course of a divorce, you may experience a spectrum of emotions ranging from despair, sadness, anger, and confusion to an awakening with new challenges and opportunities.


In my twenty-year experience as a licensed therapist, I’ve seen how divorce can shatter one’s sense of self and emotional health. Those going through a divorce often feel vulnerable, questioning what went wrong and why they were unable to make the relationship work. Some even wonder if they are lovable.

The joy in my profession has been to help these individuals on a journey where they reconnect to themselves and regain confidence. When self-love is established first and foremost, many even go on to find a new, sustainable love in another partner and/or marriage.

In this podcast, we are going to examine the pitfalls in your previous marriage, process your current struggles, and explore possibilities for a fantastic future. 


We’re all familiar with the “ugly divorce.” Divorces marked by hostility and resentment are featured in film and television, and unfortunately unfold all too often in our social circles. The impacts of an ugly divorce can be long-lasting and difficult to overcome. Some studies suggest that over half of divorcées still experience regret for the way their divorce was handled up to five years later.

I believe that you can have a good divorce. Part of my mission with After the First Marriage is to help you process the pain of divorce and move forward in productive ways. This difficult life transition can eventually open up new, exciting opportunities in your next chapter. 


When we’re struggling, we often look for external advice and resources. I’d like to help you make sense of all the information and resources out there so that you don’t feel like you’re going down a rabbit hole, but instead, you have some guidance. 

Each divorce is uniquely complicated, consisting of diverse working parts. Each piece needs to be examined and integrated into a whole– in a way that is comfortable and true to you.


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About your host:

Susan Orenstein, Ph.D.

Dr. Susan Orenstein is a licensed psychologist and relationship expert  with over twenty years of experience. In 2005, she founded Orenstein Solutions, a private counseling practice in North Carolina that serves children, teens, adults and couples. 

She created the After the First Marriage Podcast to support individuals through the significant life transition of divorce. She whole-heartedly believes that “happily ever after” is an option for everyone, and is dedicated to helping divorcées regain the confidence to pursue a fulfilling future after the first marriage. 

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