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Three Things to Consider Before Dating Again | Ep 05

When is it safe to go back into the real world? When is it safe to go back to dating? How long should you date before you get married again? Today I talk about three things to consider before dating again.



  • Timing
  • Do your homework
  • 3 things to consider


Divorce stats show that when people date, commit and get married after knowing each other less than 2 years, or when they know each other and date for 7 years, and then get married, they’re more likely to get divorced.

You have to think of dating as a process, and it really is trial and error.


It’s really important to vet the person you’re dating. Some things you have to think about:

  • Make sure you know their friends and family.
  • What are they like when they’re around older people or children?
  • What are they like when things don’t go their way and how do they handle being impatient?
  • How do they treat you when you’re around friends and family?


Each phase comes with its own challenges:

  1. Dating for too short an amount of time and then wanting to get married again.
  2. Dating for too long and then wanting to get married again.
  3. When you or your partner has kids and you’re considering being a blended family.


Wired for Dating by Stan Tatkin


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Susan Orenstein, Ph.D.

Dr. Susan Orenstein is a licensed psychologist and relationship expert  with over twenty years of experience. In 2005, she founded Orenstein Solutions, a private counseling practice in North Carolina that serves children, teens, adults and couples. 

She created the After the First Marriage Podcast to support individuals through the significant life transition of divorce. She whole-heartedly believes that “happily ever after” is an option for everyone, and is dedicated to helping divorcées regain the confidence to pursue a fulfilling future after the first marriage. 

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