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The Work of Divorce: Jen Bordeaux’s Personal and Professional Journey | Ep 08

What are some avoidable mistakes people make when thinking about divorce? What is the difference between a separation agreement and a court document? In what instance would you want to consider a prenup? In this episode, I speak with Jen Bordeaux all about her personal divorce journey and the important work she does professionally regarding family law.


As the Director of Public Relations, one of her strongest beliefs is education is power! The more she can spread awareness about family law and help people understand that they are not alone when going through a divorce/custody battle/domestic violence, etc., the better. Whether it’s working with New Direction and their awesome legal teams, fostering connections for others, or giving back to the community she loves, Jen believes in supporting those in need and helping them take control of their situation. John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” You may not have asked for certain changes, but Jen wants to do her small part to ensure you don’t miss the future you deserve!

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  • Avoidable mistakes
  • Myths about family law
  • Taking advice
  • Prenup agreements


  1. Rushing to make a decision before talking to an attorney – this can really detrimental in many aspects so it is helpful to take a step back and seek out advice to find out what your legal rights and options are. 
  2. Being so wrapped up in the emotions that it clouds your judgment – some things are just petty and really not worth fighting about.


“That’s probably one of the biggest myths about family law, that every situation is this long contentious drawn out court battle.”

Jen had the advantage of knowing what to expect, she drafted her own separation agreement and had an attorney review it. There are all kinds of provisions that go into a separation agreement and you don’t want to leave a gray area for misinterpretation. 

The majority of cases, even if a lawsuit is filed in court first, many cases settle outside of court. A lot of people do separation agreements instead of court documents.


“You’ve gotta go through that hurt and feel that pain to get to the other side. If you’re feeling, you’re healing.”

Because of the nature of her job, going to work every day whilst going through her own separation, was like rubbing salt in the wound. She eventually had to take a step back and took the advice to see a therapist. Because Jen wasn’t the one who initiated the separation, it was very had to accept this new reality, but she took it day by day.

Feeling shattered and feeling broken forces you to find strength and resilience that makes you come through this stronger than before.


It’s always worth having a conversation with an attorney about this and people do it more so if they’re coming into a marriage with family inheritance, property, or children from a previous marriage. Having a prenup drawn up should be looked at like an insurance policy whereby if something happened there is this agreement that you can fall back on.


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She created the After the First Marriage Podcast to support individuals through the significant life transition of divorce. She whole-heartedly believes that “happily ever after” is an option for everyone, and is dedicated to helping divorcées regain the confidence to pursue a fulfilling future after the first marriage. 

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