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Communicating with your Ex, Part 3 of 4 | Ep 24

What advice can Mister Rogers give us about relationships and communication? Can you discuss a topic with your ex while drawing strength from your core values? Why is it important to see the humanity in your ex and know that you're sharing the same goals? In part 3 of this 4 part series focusing on communicating with your ex, I talk about speaking.



  • Maxum of quantity
  • Maxum of quality
  • Maxum of relation
  • Maxum of manner
  • Deep and simple


This is where one tries to be as informative as one can, as much as is needed, relative to the subject at hand.


The speaker here is truthful and will not share important information that has not been backed up by evidence.


Where the person speaking does not veer off course so that the listener does not become confused.


Where the speaker tries to convey information in the clearest and concise way.


One can use the wisdom behind Mister Rogers’ explanation of ‘deep and simple instead of shallow and complex’ in the same manner in which we deal with communicating with our ex.

It is important to see the humanity in your ex and know that you share the same goals within the children you share. You can presuppose that your ex will also bring warmth and respect to the table.

Do not talk too much, or too little; make your point and stop, do not repeat it again and again. Stick to one topic at a time, and follow Mister Rogers’ advice: make it thoughtful and respectful and rooted in your core values.


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Susan Orenstein, Ph.D.

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