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Do you need a sounding board to help you through divorce? If you’re inundated with divorce advice and aren’t sure how to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly, tune into the After the First Marriage podcast.

Psychologist Susan Orenstein, Ph.D., offers practical insights on how to handle common divorce challenges such as communicating with your ex, co-parenting, and deciding to date again.

It’s Never Too Late to Improve Your Sex Life, with sex therapist, Dr. Stephanie Buehler | Ep 39

What are the different approaches people take to sex with a new partner after a divorce? Why is it necessary for you to externalize the feelings from your previous relationship? How can talk therapy help you find closure and truly step into your life after a divorce?
In this podcast episode, Dr. Susan Orenstein speaks about “It’s Never Too Late to Improve Your Sex Life” with sex therapist Dr. Stephanie Buehler.

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Relationship Lie Detection with Expert with Irvine Nugent | Ep 35

How do lies show up in interactions between people? Have there been times when you may have been lying to yourself about your partner’s behavior? Why should you maintain trust in yourself when you are in relationships?
In this podcast episode, I speak about Relationship Lie Detection with Dr. Irvine Nugent.

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Growing After Divorce, with Leadership Coach Rob Kramer | Ep 34

What is the difference between being mindful and practicing mindful action? Why is self-compassion an essential part of healing during and after a divorce? What is the connection between practicing self-compassion and being curious? In this podcast episode, I speak about growing after divorce with Leadership Coach, Rob Kramer.

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Sex Therapist, Vanessa Marin on Enjoying Sex After Divorce | Ep 33

How can you reignite your sex life after divorce? Can the transition phase after divorce lead to personal and positive sexual awareness? What are the benefits of building a strong communicative base with your partner concerning matters of the bedroom? In this podcast episode, I speak with Vanessa Marin, a licensed psychotherapist, coach, and writer who helps people stop feeling embarrassed and start having more fun in the bedroom, about enjoying sex after divorce.

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