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Do you need a sounding board to help you through divorce? If you’re inundated with divorce advice and aren’t sure how to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly, tune into the After the First Marriage podcast.

Psychologist Susan Orenstein, Ph.D., offers practical insights on how to handle common divorce challenges such as communicating with your ex, co-parenting, and deciding to date again.

Improv Wisdom with Patricia Ryan Madson | Ep 20

How can you utilize the principles of improv to improve your life? What can you do to hack your mind and reexamine a situation in a better light? Are you able to shift your mindset from improv principles? In this podcast episode, I speak with Patricia Ryan Madson about improv and the principles you can start using.

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Better Sex Next Time with Sex Therapist, Dr. Joe Kort | Ep 19

What can you do to have better sex in your relationship, present, and future? Do you feel like you are making the same sexual mistakes from one relationship to the next? How can you create a healthier sex life for you and your partner in your relationship? In this podcast episode, I speak with sex therapist, Dr. Joe Kort about how to have better sex.

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Turning To Integrative Medicine with Cara Hoepner | Ep 18

Have you heard about integrative medicine? What role does biology have in mental health? Can medicine provide a framework for you to get your life in order, instead of only treating uncomfortable symptoms? In this podcast episode, I speak with Cara Hoepner about integrative medicine.

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Wisdom from Family Law Attorney, Randy Pitler | Ep 17

Have you heard of collaborative divorce? How can the collaborative divorce system be more beneficial to a family in the long run when it comes to conflict resolution? Why should you consider collaborative divorce rather than go the usual route? In this podcast episode, I speak with family law attorney, Randy Pitler about collaborative divorce.

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Healing from Divorce with Katie Sroka | Ep 16

What do you do after a separation to reconnect with your intuition? What are the crucial lessons that some people learn throughout their experience with divorce? What are some red flags to look out for in a new relationship? In this podcast episode, I speak about healing from divorce with Katie Sroka.

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Crazy In Love: What We Can Learn About Falling In Love | Ep 14

Are you going into a new relationship and unsure of how to proceed? What aspects should you be aware of when you are heading into the romantic scene after a separation? What are some tips you can carry with you to help you stay headstrong in a new relationship? In this episode, I speak about what we can learn about falling in love.

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Dr. Jenna Godfrey on Managing Anxiety During a Divorce | Ep 13

Are you needing advice on how to cope with anxiety after a separation? How does one go about rebuilding self-esteem after a divorce? What can you do to work towards the future while dealing with the past? In this podcast episode, I speak about managing anxiety during a divorce with Dr. Jenna Godfrey.

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