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Do you need a sounding board to help you through divorce? If you’re inundated with divorce advice and aren’t sure how to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly, tune into the After the First Marriage podcast.

Psychologist Susan Orenstein, Ph.D., offers practical insights on how to handle common divorce challenges such as communicating with your ex, co-parenting, and deciding to date again.

Crazy In Love: What We Can Learn About Falling In Love | Ep 14

Are you going into a new relationship and unsure of how to proceed? What aspects should you be aware of when you are heading into the romantic scene after a separation? What are some tips you can carry with you to help you stay headstrong in a new relationship? In this episode, I speak about what we can learn about falling in love.

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Dr. Jenna Godfrey on Managing Anxiety During a Divorce | Ep 13

Are you needing advice on how to cope with anxiety after a separation? How does one go about rebuilding self-esteem after a divorce? What can you do to work towards the future while dealing with the past? In this podcast episode, I speak about managing anxiety during a divorce with Dr. Jenna Godfrey.

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Dating Confidence Coach, Kimmy Seltzer | Ep 11

Are you wanting to dive back into the world of dating but are unsure of how to go about it? How does one begin to date and flirt again after a separation? What tools can help you begin this transition? In this podcast episode, I speak about dating confidence with Confidence Therapist Kimmy Seltzer.

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The Inside Scoop on Divorce with New Direction Family Law Attorneys | Ep 09

Are you going through or thinking about going through a separation and need some advice from experts? Are there different ways of moving through the divorce process? How do the decisions you make now affect your long-term life post-separation? In this episode, I speak about the inside scoop on divorce with New Direction Family Law attorneys Sarah Hink and Elizabeth Stephenson.

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From Clutter to Clarity with Professional Organizer, Geralin Thomas | Ep 07

What steps can you take to restructure your life after a divorce? How does one start the process of decluttering this old life to usher in a new one? When is the best time to make the shift and start the transformation from despair to a rebirth? In this episode, I speak with Geralin Thomas about how to move from clutter to clarity within your life in the aftermath of a divorce.

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How Do I Date Someone? | Ep 06

What does dating look like after the first marriage? How can you make sure you go in with your eyes wide open and set yourself up for healthy relationships? In this podcast we’ll talk about diving back in to the dating scene, as well as danger signs to be aware of.

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